Beware Of Ransomeware

cyber attacksJoey talks about the newest ransomeware attack called “Wannacry”. Ransomeware is a malicious software that hackers use in the form of popup ads, videos and attatchments in emails to hijack your computer and in turn all of your most important information. the hijackers in turn give you the opportunity to retrieve your lost information by paying them a ransome in this case in the form of what is known as bitcoins, because it is harder to trace.
There are a few ways to protect yourself and your information from being hijacked. One way is to make sure you don’t click on any emails you do not know where they came from. Most of all do not click on any attachments from people you do not know. when visiting websites, do not click on the ads, or videos. Another way is to make sure your computer has the right kind of Antivirus software like Kaparsky Lab, Bitdefender, McAfee Security.